Science Identity - Student and Teacher Programs

As part of our on-going research agenda, XSci generates a number of exciting science learning projects designed to enhance participants' science identities. These projects focus on providing unique experientially-based learning opportunities in both formal and informal education environments. They also focus on innovative uses of technology in education.

Bayer International Science Teens Camp
Educators & Industry Unite Through The CESLN

Launched by XSci as part of the work of the Colorado Experiential STEM Learning Network, STEMLink pairs educators and students in schools with STEM industry partners who are actively supporting improved STEM education by providing great STEM experiences for K12 students and teachers.

Bayer International Science Teens Camp
Experiential STEM Professional Development

Passport to Science Program. Supported by the Merck Company Foundation to take teachers to Africa for a hands on science learning journey. Teacher visit Jane Goodall's Gombe Research facility, climb Mt. Kilimanjaro and teach in Masaai schools and villages.

Bayer International Science Teens Camp
Research in the Raw Teachers and Researchers Working Together

Getting out there, rolling up your sleeves, and getting involved with active scientific research is what XSci's field studies are all about. Working with researchers engaged in the process of scientific inquiry is an essential experience for science educators and students to gain an authentic understanding of how science is conducted.

Bayer International Science Teens Camp

TEDx Lincoln: Science of Inspiration
XSci Co-Director, Dr. Brad McLain


Dr. Brad McLain provocatively explores the elusive psychology of inspiration and its implications for education and the journey of life itself through the lens of experiential learning theory and the power of narrative to effect deeply rooted changes in our sense of identity — nothing less than the keys to change our lives and ourselves.


Inspire Me! Documentary Series

The Inspire Me film series is both a celebration of the art of teaching and a powerful call-to-action to do it better! The 2nd film in the series, Inspire Me! Africa premiered in 2013.


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