At XSci, we live and breathe experiential science.

Experiential science learning is all about personal close encounters with the content, processes, and emotions of science. It is a philosophy that emphasizes learning from direct first-person experience and a holistic perspective that includes the self-construction of knowledge as well as emotions, attitudes and beliefs that combine to form a learner’s “science identity.”


Research & Program Development

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    ID BELT – Identity Based Experiential Learning Theory. An educational philosophy where learning is equated with identity construction. Learning from direct first-person experience that goes beyond content to include: knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, transfer of learning to new situations, and personal relevance.

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    Science Identity Construction

    The central focus of XSci’s work is science identity construction – or the psychological processes by which people become inspired by science, engineering, technology, and mathematics (STEM) to the point of personal relevance, ownership, and integration into the sense of self.

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    Experiential Learning Theory

    Experiential education is best understood as a philosophy of education, and involves learning from direct first-person experience and a holistic perspective that goes beyond content to include the construction of knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and transfer of learning.

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Projects Check out out experiential programming. We work with both K-12 formal educators as well as students.

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    SciGirls Strategies

    SciGirls Strategies: Gender Equitable Teaching Practices in Career and Technical Education Pathways for High School Girls led by...

  • Educator PD • K-12 Student Programs • Programs • Research

    NSF/Twin Cities – Latina SciGirls

    Latina SciGirls (2015-2018) is led by Twin Cities Public Television through a National Science Foundation grant to expand and...

  • K-12 Student Programs

    Bayer International Science Teens Camp

    The Bayer USA Foundation and the Bayer Science and Education Foundation invites students internationally and nationally...

  • Educator PD • Environmental • Technology

    Xperience STEM Conference

    381 Educators. 12 Exhibitors. 22 Sponsors X-STEM explored the many incarnations and benefits of experiential methods in STEM...

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    MySTEMLink is an online matchmaking service designed to pair educators and students in schools with STEM industry partners and...

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    Roots & Shoots

    Jane Goodall’s Roots & Shoots service learning program introduces service projects in the context of a campaign, and...

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    A museum educator/theater network of eight museums around the country, pairing larger with smaller institutions to create the...

  • Passport to Science

    Passport to Science

    Extraordinary Educator Experiences Sponsored by the Merck Foundation, this once in a lifetime opportunity provides the ultimate...

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    Dinosaur CSI

    The Dinosaur CSI field program offers students hands-on experience with the methods, techniques, and theories of modern...

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    Underwater Polar-SIM

    The IPY: Polar Hydrobot Simulator (or Polar-SIM) was designed to be a sophisticated computer-based simulation of configuring,...

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    Mobile Apps Development

    Educational Apps for mobile devices such as smart phones (e.g., iPhone, Andriod, BlackBerry) and digital tablets (e.g., iPads,...

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    Inspire Me! Series

    Educators journey to the farthest reaches of the earth for extraordinary adventures designed to bring them out of their comfort...

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