29 Kids. 4 Countries. 1 Mission.

About the Bayer International Teen Science Camp

The Bayer USA Foundation and the Bayer Science and Education Foundation invited students internationally and nationally to join XSci – Experiential Science Education Research Collaborative part of the University of Colorado Boulder for a two-week residential camp. Year two student learning experiences included:


  • Bio-mechanics of the Human Body
  • Form and function of Human Anatomy
  • High Altitude Physiology, Cognition and Treatment Procedures
  • Wilderness Medicine and Scenario Training
  • Mountain Ecology

2016 Camp Evaluation Report

% of Participants recommending Camp


% Participants and Parent Camp Ratings.

Overall Experience - 98.8%
Camp Counselor Interactions - 95%
Science Learning Experiences - 95%
Social and Multi-Cultural Exchanges - 97.5%

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Camper Evaluations Quotes from Students and Parents

  • A once in a lifetime experience I will not forget! The cultural exchange and the climbing of Mount Elbert was my favorite part of this camp. We all made friends so easily and got to know a part of their culture and the American culture, too! The climbing of Mount Elbert was challenging, but incredible.

    Bayer Camp 2016 (Participant)

  • We exchanged our cultures, thoughts and various things crossing our regional boundaries. The Anatomy of human body in clay is the best of its kind. It showed us that the mind cannot forget what the hands have learned. When we applied what we learned to our own body , it was a new and unique feel. It can be said as one of the defining moments of my life.

    Bayer Camp 2016 (Participant)

  • Words are not enough to express my gratefulness that my son was part of this camp and to say thank you to each member of the staff and Bayer Foundation. Nevertheless I would like to say thank you to each staff member who gave his/her individual and personal “touch” to this camp, so that is was unique for all youth, for all efforts of each staff member to make this camp successful for each participant, for all support before, during and now after the camp.

    Bayer Camp 2016 (Parent)

  • The support of the counselors was great. Everybody was so friendly and helpful and my daughter felt very comfortable during the camp. She learnt a lot and came back very curious for new experiences. It was an extraordinary time. There are so many impressions as for example the anatomy class, the Denver museum of nature and science, the hike to Mt. Elbert and all the interesting people she met.

    Bayer Camp 2016 (Parent)

  • I loved to be part of the camp, to learn much about anatomy and first aid and be together with all these amazing people. It was a great time with much fun, especially our hike to Mt. Elbert. It was an unique experience for me and I will keep it in my mind for all my life. I would like to join in and meet everybody again.

    Bayer Camp 2016 (Participant)

  • First off, the camp was brilliantly organised down to the very last detail. The counselors were amazing, amazing people and I’m lucky to know them now. The schedule was perfect. The campers were such a pleasure to be around. I’m glad I got to be a part of it!

    Bayer Camp 2016 (Participant)

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