Bayer International Science Teens Camp

The Bayer USA Foundation and the Bayer Science and Education Foundation invites students internationally and nationally to join XSci – Experiential Science Education Research Collaborative part of the University of Colorado Boulder for a two-week residential camp.

Included in this experience will be a set of educational resources for participants and their parents/guardians to use, explore and share. These materials will provided during online meetings preceding the camp.

Student learning experiences include:

  • Form and function of human anatomy
  • Bio-engineering and Bio-mechanics of the human body
  • High altitude physiology, cognition and treatment procedures
  • Mountain ecology

This innovative program has been designed for a small, select group of U.S. and international students who will join together for hands-on, field-based experiences on human anatomy and physiology led by Dr. Brad McLain, XSci educators,and Anatomy in Clay creator Jon Zahourek. ANATOMY IN CLAY® models have been used in over 6,000 high schools, colleges, veterinary schools, and bodywork training programs.

Camp attendees will stay on the campus at the University of Colorado, Denver, for one week and on-site in a national park in Leadville, Colo., for the second week.

The Bayer International Science Teens Camp is open to students ages 14-16 at the time of camp attendance. Eligible students must have completed the ninth grade. Funding to attend the two-week camp (including lodging, meals, materials and travel) is provided by the Bayer USA Foundation and the Bayer Science and Education Foundation.

Apply online at:

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Dinosaur CSI

JR-SMALLThe Dinosaur CSI field program offers students hands-on experience with the methods, techniques, and theories of modern paleontology. By sharing the science of paleontology the Institute subscribes to the ideals of education creating awareness and funding for research.

This program introduces students to the geology of the Morrison Formation, associated biological evolution, biostratigraphy and fossil science research, taphonomy, and paleo-ecology while providing hands-on experience as dinosaur excavation team members. Students participate in the excavation of dinosaurs in central Wyoming, including newly discovered species. Additionally, as a program specifically designed for educators, we emphasize and explore the nature of experiential STEM learning and how to translate the impacts of this experience into classroom practice.

Make no mistake: this is NOT a “look see” “trip” where you’re driven around from place to place, get out and take pictures, and end up back at a hotel each evening. Everyday you will learn something, work hard, and contribute to scientific fieldwork.

Imagine uncovering bones of these ancient creatures and YOU being the first living thing to see them in 150 million years! Many have described it as a surreal experience—something hard to describe but life changing nonetheless. Some have come to appreciate not just the fossils but our place as humans within earth’s vast timeline. Still others just come to unwind, have fun, and learn something about their favorite childhood “monsters” and their world.

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Yellowstone National Park

Recognizing the key role teachers play in helping future generations appreciate the value of national parks, the Yellowstone Association Board of Directors has approved the use of operating funds to provide full-tuition scholarships for Institute Field Seminars for approximately 50 teachers in 2013.

Teachers made up a significant portion of the seminar audience into the late 1980s and ’90s, said YA Director of Education Jenny Golding. “Then funding for their participation in programs like ours sharply declined. We still feel that field seminars are a great resource for teachers, so we’ve implemented the new scholarship program to make it possible for them to attend again.”

The in-depth information shared in Institute Field Seminars can be incorporated into most subject areas. It’s especially beneficial for teachers of biology, geology, history, and art. The Association will provide letters of completion for teachers pursuing continuing education credit, and also plans to offer college credit in the future.

In 2011, the National Park Service issued a Call to Action that asked park partner organizations to work alongside NPS staff to ensure that parks are relevant for future generations. “People have to care about parks in order to protect them,” Golding said. “Unfortunately, younger generations are increasingly disconnected from not only parks but from the natural world. This could become a crisis for the natural places we care about. Providing teacher scholarships is an incredibly efficient use of funds to help connect young people to parks. A teacher can reach hundreds, even thousands, of students in his or her career. That multiplier effect is important. The Yellowstone Association is serious about educating youth, which means we’re serious about educating teachers.”

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