Gombe-Grove“Gombe Grove”

Dedicated Oct. 1, 2015 by Dr. Jane Goodall

Dr. Goodall celebrated her 81st birthday this past spring and the 55th anniversary of her chimpanzee research in the forests of Gombe, Tanzania. Dr. Goodall’s unique research methods for studying animal behavior ultimately ushered in a paradigm shift in the sciences of anthropology and ethology — transforming our understanding of what makes us human and what links us to all other life on Earth. In the years, since her initial seminal discoveries, she has gone on to become a U.N Peace Messenger, and outspoken champion for animal rights, and founded the program known as Roots & Shoots — now operating in 139 countries to empower youth as positive change makers for people, animals, and the environment in their communities, together effecting international impacts.


A Roots & Shoots rally in which Colorado children and educators gather to:

– Meet Jane & share stories of their efforts to make the world a better place
– Plant 10 trees – each one dedicated to a chimpanzee near and dear to Jane’s heart
– Hear Jane’s dedication story for each tree/chimpanzee
– Install a commemorative park bench and plaques dedicating the site


Jane Goodall, Colorado Roots & Shoots clubs and their educators and parents, local Roots & Shoots national youth council members (Colorado is proud to host several), members of the press.


Dr. Brad McLain and Teresa McLain co-direct XSci (the Experiential Science Education Research Collaborative) at the Center for STEM Learning (CSL), CU Boulder. Brad and Teresa will organize the event. Dr. McLain also serves on the board of directors for the Jane Goodall Institute. He also serves on the Roots & Shoots national committee and teaches a CU-hosted MOOC for JGI.


The event will be held at Horizons K-8 School at 4545 Sioux Drive in Boulder. We envision for this to be a publicly accessible mini-park-like destination, where people can gather, reflect, learn about Jane’s legendary work, contemplate alone, and ponder their own difference making in life. As the trees grow over the years, Colorado Roots & Shoots clubs will utilize and care for the site.


In addition to the context above, this event will serve to elevate the visibility of Jane’s visit to Boulder and the work of local people in support of the international Roots & Shoots movement — Jane’s legacy.


Oct. 1st, 2015: On the day of her evening Gamow lecture


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