An educational philosophy where learning is equated with identity construction. ID-BELT concerned with learning from direct first-person experience and a holistic perspective that goes beyond content to include the construction of: knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, transfer of learning to new situations, personal relevance, meaning making processes, and Identity Development.

ID-BELT changes the notion of learning from one of only content or skills acquisition to also consider the larger relationship of the learner to new knowledge and its potential integration into his or her self perceptions as part of the world.

This framework is central to XSci’s mission. It combines experiential learning (based in educational research) with identity theory (an area of sociology) and the narrative study of lives (an area of psychology). In the context of science or STEM education, ID-BELT gives rise to the concept of science identity construction, where “science identity” is defined as the degree to which science is integrated into a person’s sense-of-self. How can we design and facilitate learning experiences that best promote positive science identity construction? How can we measure it? How is it different from what we do in our current educational systems and assessments?

ID Belt

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