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How do extraordinary experiences for teachers translate into extraordinary experiences for their students? How can close encounters with the deep power of the natural world and our connection to it change a teacher’s worldview, and change their students’ lives?  The intent of the series is to address these questions, celebrate the art of teaching, and to serve as a powerful call-to-action to do it better, through experiences.



Inspire Me! Weightless Flights of Discovery

Inspire Me! Weightless Flights of Discovery chronicles teachers across the country on the life-changing experience of flying on the Zero-G airplane to experience weightlessness just as the astronauts do. It highlights the education crisis in America, the growing disinterest in science among American youth, and the urgency to inspire and motivate young people in order to become leaders in meeting the world’s challenges.

Inspire Me! Weightless follows 6 incredible teachers as they take the Zero G journey from experience to hands on application with their students. Overall roughly 720 teachers in 12 different cities across the US participated in this program. The film explores deep issues surrounding the science education crisis in America, education as a profession, inquiry-based and experiential learning, and the sorely needed inspiration of the next generation of Americans to reclaim the worldwide lead in science and technology in the new millennium.


Inspire Me! AfricaIMA

28 Teachers. 15 Days. 1 Vision.

Inspire Me! Africa takes audience members on a journey with 28 Colorado teachers. They travel through the heart of the Serengeti with its dramatic biological diversity, to Maasai villages, Tanzanian schools and AIDS orphanages for close interactions with the people and cultures of Africa. And, they trek up to the very roof of the African continent on the giant volcano, Mount Kilimanjaro. The film also follows the film’s subjects back into their U.S. classrooms to explore how their extraordinary experiences in Africa translate into inspiration for their students.

Inspire Me! Africa is directed by Brad McLain at CU Denver’s Experiential Science Education Research Collaborative (XSci) within the School of Education & Human Development. Anthropologist Jane Goodall makes an appearance in the film, to share a story about her most inspirational teacher. In addition, Inspire Me Africa features a heroic former Evergreen High School teacher, Leslie Jankausky, who passed away in a tragic car accident following her trip to Africa.

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