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Videographer and editor Mark Archer hails from Springfield Massachusetts and has worked in the industry for the past 15 years. His work includes producing video and interactive applications for a wide variety of clients in a diverse range of industries such as aerospace, consumer electronics, finance and education. Utilizing experience in multiple production roles and bringing interest from many areas such as business, music, history and science allow Mark to offer a full pallet of abilities that have earned him industry accolades, and the opportunity to work with a wide range of clients creating everything from branding materials to documentary films.

A personal interest in science, storytelling and teaching has led Mark to concentrate on the educational sector, including the NASA produced Space Research And You project, his first of many endeavors with Director Brad McLain, McLain Arts and Inspire Me! Films. The project was a ground-breaking interactive documentary designed for museums across the country and utilized live performers along with digital elements to create a unique and engaging new style of “edutainment.” The project earned the team a distinguished place in the Computerworld/Smithsonian Honors program, “The Search for New Heroes” an international collection of examples of innovation in technology.

Mark has lent his background and enthusiasm to clients such as BAE Systems, LEGO Educational, Tama Drums, Lenox Tools, The National Science Foundation, Virtual Brands and Speakercraft in addition to many science education projects with Space Science Institute, McLain Arts and Xsci, the Experiential Science Education Research Collaborative at the University of Colorado Denver. His videography and editing has contributed to a myriad of projects including Space-Faring: The Radiation Challenge, Giant Worlds, 2006 VideoMaker/Sony Best Educational Video winner Alien Earths and also the STEPS Project, an NSF project that created the Science Theater Educational Programming System. This application allows museums and science centers to create interactive media-rich presentations and includes three actor/educator facilitated shows based on astrobiology topics.

His involvement in science education has taken Mr. Archer to great heights. From Zero-G to Mt. Kilimanjaro. Twice. His most recent contribution is as Editor and one of the Principal Photographers of Inspire Me! Africa, a full-length documentary that follows a group of intrepid teachers to Tanzania on the trip of a life-time. The film looks closely at the process of transferring the inspiration of real life experiences back to the students that these teachers will encounter over their careers.

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