Teresa McLain

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As Co-Director and previous VP of Marketing & Strategy, Teresa brings an enthusiastic, entrepreneurial, and creative talent to XSci. Working with dozens of companies over the past 14 years, she has chalked up an impressive record of marketing, strategy, and PR leadership, creating unique opportunities for her clients and empowering businesses to thrive in competitive environments.

In 1999, Teresa joined the team at MAC Arts, a multimedia development company; she helped the company snag NASA as an anchor client in work on the human space flight program. This work included the design, production, PR, promotion and distribution of a variety of print, electronic, and broadcast media marketing and the negotiation of deals with CBS News, CNN, and MSNBC.

Post MAC Arts, Teresa led creative and marketing teams at Dalbey Education Institute, providing direction regarding product development requirements, design, and implementation. She has extensive expertise in creating, implementing and measuring the success of a comprehensive marketing, communications and public relations programs, internal and external communications; and editorial direction, design, production and distribution of publications. After leaving Dalbey Education, Teresa joined forced with BMGI to run all national and international marketing efforts before moving on in 2008.

After 14 years of international marketing and documentary work, Teresa maintained her interest in working with kids. As the founder of GirlSpire and published author, Teresa still finds her greatest reward lies with working with young girls to provide a roadmap for building a strong foundation in a fun and interactive way that young girls ages 8 to 11 can understand and latch on to. GirlSpire is engages girls in this age group inviting them to work through hands on activities and walk away with the tools needed to build that foundation.

GirlSpire was born out of the confluence of Teresa’s unique journey and perspective, and the urgent need every girl faces as they pass through one of life’s most difficult stages. It is an experiential integration of self-empowering life skills and attitudes into an exciting and thrilling personal journey.

In partnership with XSci and the University of Colorado at Boulder, GirlSpire continues to provide program and workbooks to young girls all over Colorado.

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